Down the Hole Hammer Bits

  • Available from 3 3/8″ to 36″ diameter
  • Face Designs: Concave, Convex, Convex Double Gauge, Flat Face, Drop Center
  • Button Grades: Soft, Medium (standard), Hard, Dyanite, Diamond
  • Button Shapes: Dome/Spherical (hard formations), Balistic (soft formations), Semi-Balistic (med/hard formations), Conical (med formations)

Down the Hole Hammer Bits are available in standard or custom sizes and designs and all popular hammers shanks. Diamond enhanced carbide inserts on the face of the bit, gauge row, or a combination of both are also available (please inquire). Diamond enhanced inserts can make your bit last up to 10 times longer with less bit changing! To order, please indicate dimension of bit, shank type, face design, insert shape and grade, or give us formation and drilling details and we will recommend the proper design for you.

Hole Openers

Torcal Industries can manufacture any Hole Opener to fit the requirements of any project. Choose a standard or custom design, regular tungston carbide inserts, dyanite carbide inserts or diamond enhanced inserts. Provide us with your specific requirements and let Torcal design the best hole opener for the job.

Shank Types

  • COP20, COP32, COP42
  • DHD 3.5, DHD 340, DHD 350, DHD 360, SF-6, DHD380, DHD 112, DHD 124
  • DHD QL 40, DHD QL 50,DHD QL 60,DHD QL 80,DHD QL 120, DHD QL 200P-Pin Drive, DHD QL 200
  • M30, M40, M50, M60, M80
  • SD-4, 3415, SD-5, 4315, 53-15, 53-25, SD-6, 63-15, SD-8, SD-10, SD-12, SD-15, SD-18

Please inquire regarding shanks not listed

Back Reamers

Torcal’s Back Reamers are made from top quality materials and workmanship, customized to your specific requirements and come in a wide variety of sizes up to 36 inches. Our unique design of bolt on roller cutters allow for quick and easy changing with no cutting or welding. These bits are ideal for back reaming a larger opening by attaching to the drill string when a pilot hole is drilled. They can also be used to blind ream by attaching a tricone bit on the front to act as a pilot as you drill!

Tricone Bits

Top quality new or used

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